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Dumpster Sanitation
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Schools, restaurants, retailers, HOAs and condominium & apartment communities each have their own unique cleaning needs. We offer many options for cleaning and sanitizing your exterior property. Playgrounds, shopping carts, parking lots, building facades- we are here to enhance your curb appeal with a deep clean and reduce risk of viral and bacterial spread using steam, extremely hot water and pressure. If we do see a need to use products during your cleaning, we utilize a wastewater recovery system, so there’s no mess, dirty water, or chemicals to dispose of on your property. We properly dispose of all waste water at a local treatment facility.

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Restaurants can generate a lot of food scraps very quickly. It doesn’t take long before compacting bins and dumpsters get smelly and nasty, attracting unwanted rodents and pests while grossing out your diners. Manually trying to rinse dumpsters and bins is inefficient and hazardous. We professionally clean and sanitize on a quarterly, monthly or weekly schedule and coat high touch areas with a 90 day antimicrobial surface protectant so your employees have one less thing to worry about. Stop stressing about inspections, let us do the dirty work!



Our children spend more time at school than any other place. Many schools leave playgrounds accessible to the public during non-school hours. We sanitize playground equipment to get rid of the dirt and grime and eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses to help protect the children and staff who work and play in your schools and then keep it protected with a 90 day antimicrobial coating on all surfaces. 



Managing a strip center or commercial property comes with loads of risk and responsibility. Mixed use means restaurants, retail outlets, grocery stores, nail salons, and dry cleaners all using your dumpsters for waste. Let us keep your property looking and smelling it's best with our pressure washing options while we keep your dumpsters clean and sanitary. 

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Oftentimes, HOA’s require homeowners to store their garbage bins inside their garage, or hidden close to their house and the burden lies with the homeowner to clean the cans. This is ineffective and leads to toxic chemical runoff into storm drains. We offer several package options to home-owner associations to make sure those cans are clean, sanitized & deodorized. Let us help keep your community clean!

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Apartment complexes, condominiums, hotels, and any other multi-family communities have large amounts of trash output that leave ever growing residue and buildup inside trash dumpsters. Improve your curb appeal to current and prospective residents by keeping the dumpsters on your property clean of built-up grime. We offer weekly and monthly service plans at discounted rates for all multi-family residential communities.

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We help keep school facades looking bright and inviting with pressure washing and soft washing techniques. We also have fogging/misting capabilities to sanitize and protect high touch high use surfaces.

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