Frequently Asked Questions

Does someone need to be home while the bins are being cleaned?

No. As long as your emptied bins are still accessible, we will clean your bins and move them back up near the garage (or top of the driveway) when finished.

What if we forget to leave the bins curbside?

First of all, to help avoid this, we will send you an automated text the day prior to cleaning, reminding you to leave bins out for us. However, if the bins are not accessible when we arrive, we will be unable to clean them. You will still be charged in this case.

What happens if we will be out of town and unable to leave bins out?

In this case, you just need to let us know ahead of time so we can alter the schedule. Any cleanings that are skipped at your request will simply be added on to the end of your contract. If you need the bins cleaned sooner, just contact us so we can work something out.

Do you have any referral incentives?

HECK YA WE DO! We love to give away stuff to our customers and we love sharing the joy of clean trash bins. Click HERE to get started in our referral program and be on your way to FREE cleanings!

Why should I contract someone to wash my bins when I can just do it myself?

Hey, if you want to stick your head half way down a dirty trash bin and try to clean it- go ahead. But keep in mind, you will use about 10 times as much water as we will, you won't be able to get the water hot enough to sanitize anything, and it will take you probably 30 + minutes of tolerating disgusting smells and back spray of filthy who-knows-what in your face and on your clothes just to end up marginally cleaner. And then what? All the runoff water and toxic chemicals are now flowing down your driveway and into the runoff drainage system. Not good for you. Not good for the environment. And certainly not effective for cleaning your bins. If you decide to let us do the dirty work instead, your bins will be cleaned with non-toxic products, sterilized with water and steam actually hot enough to kill invisible bacteria, and all waste water is reclaimed into our truck and disposed of appropriately. Eco-friendly. Family-friendly. Schedule-friendly. Budget-friendly. (And YOU get to be the household hero!) It's a 'fix-it-and-forget-it' dream come true.

What is the benefit of regularly cleaning my trash bins?

Believe it or not, cleaning your trash bins should be a part of your general home maintenance list- right along with cleaning gutters, maintaining pipes, trimming landscaping, and changing air filters. Riding your cans of bacteria, germs, and residue removes the invitation for unwanted pests and reduces the exposure to harmful bacteria to you and your family. We've all seen the results of when cell phones and door knobs are tested for bacteria. Can you imagine what is actually in your "empty" bin after months- years- of diaper, pet waste, spoiled food and who know what else has had a chance to build up and marinate in our lovely heat and humidity? It is quite literally a giant unregulated petri dish in your garage. NO ONE should be exposed to that. Curb Appeal takes pride in our local community. Keeping your trash bins and recycling bins clean not only benefits you and your family, but also ensures our community is protected as well. A dirty trash bin is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and makes a great home for all kinds of unwanted bugs and critters looking for food. We saw the magnified results of this after Hurricane Harvey, when piles of rubbish and trash sat curbside for weeks and sometimes even months. When you look out your window and see children playing and friends & family enjoying a beautiful day you’ll know that you’re doing your part in keeping our community safe & free from those potentially dangerous critters and harmful smelly bacteria in your trash bins that threaten us every day.

Do the bins have to be empty?

For the most part, yes. It's not a problem if there is residue or 'gunk' stuck to the bottom, but kindly remember we are a trash bin cleaning company, NOT a trash collecting service. We do not remove trash or trash bags from your bins. While we want to help clean your bins, we will not risk damaging our equipment and/or injuring ourselves therefore if we see the following at the bottom of bins to be cleaned, we will not clean them: loose trash, loose glass containers of any kind, and needles. If this is the case, your bins will not be cleaned and you will still be charged for the visit.

Do you clean the inside AND outside of the bins?

YES! Furthermore, after we clean and sanitize the bins, we hand detail them too before finishing off our service with a fragrant deodorizing scent. It's like Spa Day for your bins...they've never had it so good!

Are you insured?

Yes, we carry a full GL insurance policy with a $1,000,000 PI coverage and $2,000,000 GA limit.

Are you certified with the State of Texas?

Yes. We are a registered LLC in the State of Texas as well as a HUB certified, woman owned business. We provide a W-9 for all commercial work and additional documentation when requested.


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