Family, Friends, Community

A Canadian and a Texan walk into a bar... Oh wait, wrong story.


Curb Appeal is a HUB certified Woman Owned Business in Katy, Texas.  We are not a franchise. We are not corporate owned.  We are an Aggie owned and family operated small business working hard to provide an overlooked service while leaving a lasting impact on our community.


Our HOA requires us to have the outdoor trash bins out of sight, but this means keeping those nasty smelling bins in our garage. We smelled an opportunity and set out to provide a cost effective service that would clean, sanitize, disinfect, and deodorize those outdoor garbage and recycling bins that were working overtime in our community.


As we grew, we added in additional pressure washing and soft washing services to our residential customers and started into the commercial world of sanitation services as well. We now service dumpsters and bins for retail strip centers, hi-rise living communities, apartment complexes, and neighborhoods. We are also able to sanitize playground equipment for multi-unit dwellings, schools, HOAs, and daycares and most recently have started offering sanitizing and disinfecting services to a broader clientele to help reduce community spread of COVID-19. With endless possibilities on the horizon, we are grateful for this crazy life and the possibilities we have been blessed with. 


We would appreciate the opportunity to do this dirty job for your family or business and help make your life cleaner, one can, dumpster, playground, shopping cart or fleet vehicle at a time. Happiness is on the way! Seriously, why would you do it yourself?!

Jeff and Meredith

Curb Appeal Trash Bin Cleaners