Service Options

Best Price Per Visit

Every 2 Weeks*


The bi-monthly option is perfect for larger households and residences with high use bins (high consumption, diaper or pet waste disposal, DIY project waste, frequent landscaping or gardening). 

1 Bin: $11.99

2 Bins: $17.99

3 Bins: $23.99

4 Bins: $27.99

Additional Bins $10 each

Every Month


The monthly option is the "average" household choice. This frequency keeps your bins clean and odor free while helping rid them of pest, rodent, and insect infiltration. A great long term maintenance option.

1 Bin: $14.99

2 Bins: $19.99

3 Bins: $29.99

4 Bins: $34.99

Additional Bins $10 each
For Little

Every 3 Months


The quarterly option is great for smaller households and residences with minimal waste disposal who want the highest level of sanitation and minimum level of odor for their bins. Prices listed are per visit.

1 Bin: $24.99

2 Bins: $29.99

3 Bins: $39.99

4 Bins: $44.99

Additional Bins $10 each
Save an additional 10% by paying annually!
Don't throw your bins out- you won't BELIEVE what we can do!

Prices are calculated based on the number of bins being cleaned and the frequency of the cleanings. Please use the chart below to select the number of bins you would like cleaned and the frequency that you would like service.


One Time Only

1 Bin: $44.99

2 Bins: $54.99

3 Bins: $74.99

4 Bins: $84.99

The one time cleaning option is the ideal solution for those wanting to try out the service before selecting a cleaning frequency and PERFECT if you need a post-event trash bin deep cleaning or for move-in/move-out situations.


Additional Bins $20 each

All residential services are provided on the day after your scheduled trash and recycling pick up. All service packages include a thorough pressure wash cleaning of both the interior and exterior of the scheduled trash bins, steam sanitizing, and a refreshing deodorizing spray.  Cans are always hand-detailed and inspected before being returned to the top of the driveway. We will send you a text reminder the day before service to leave your EMPTY bins curbside. Unless we receive prior written notification of unavailability (see FAQ for details), you will be charged even if the bins are not accessible upon arrival. The bins must be empty. All prices are subject to tax.

All invoices must be paid prior to service. Prices subject to change. By registering for service, you agree to the terms. 

We Use

90 Day Antimicrobial Coatings!

*Not available in all areas

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